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The Real Culprit of Heart Disease

Posted on February 28, 2012

For this final week of February, I am sending along one last piece of 'Heart Month' information for you.  This video appeared in my inbox last week and I really want you to see it.  Shawn Stevenson shatters the image of what and who "nutritionists" really are.  I LOVE his hat-backwards, 'School-House-Rocks-Tshirt, ultra-smart report on heart disease and couldn't have said it any better if I spent a month trying.

Check it:


I find it fascinating how in our "everyone-should-be-on-statin-medication-to-lower-their-cholesterol" society, we are not being given real, logical information about how to take care of our bodies naturally.  Please pass this on to your friends & family and help them avoid being one of the 599,413.
(And btw, at about 10:40 in the video, Shawn talks about whole grains and completely blows the theory that eating them are making us "healthy".  Thank you, Shawn!)
Sending you and your heart a whole lotta love today,

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